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Saint Agur is a blue-veined cheese made from pasteurised cow's milk in the village of Beauzac from the mountainous French region of Auvergne. Ripened for 60 days, the cheese develops a stronger and spicier taste as it ages.Saint Agur is a unique combination of smooth, creamy texture with a salty and tangy taste, though not as salty as traditional blue cheese. It is more rich and buttery with a subtle spicy taste. Due to its creaminess, it melts and spreads easily. It can be used as a dip with crunchy vegetables, or in gourmet sauce recipes. If you love the flavour, simply snack on the portions whenever you feel hungry.

St Agur

SKU: 23
PriceFrom C$8.50
  • Milk: Cow

    Style: Soft, Blue

    Producer: Savencia Fromage & Dairy

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