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Epoisses Cheese comes to us from the Cote-d’Or and Burgundy regions of France. This delicious cheese dates back as far as the 16th century, where it was made by a community of monks in the village of Époisses.

The cheese almost succumbed to extinction during World War II, when production ceased entirely. M. Berthaut, of the village of Époisses was not willing to let the cheese fall into obscurity, and revived production in the 1950's.

The cheese features a delightful orange rind and an intense creaminess. Known as one of the "stinky" cheeses, some may be put off by the aroma. But the smell is quickly forgotten by the delicious flavour!

It actually has a quite a subtle, sweet flavour, and is so soft and gooey, it's best scooped onto some baguette with a spoon. 


SKU: 21
  • Milk: Cow

    Style: Soft, Washed Rind

    Producer: Fromagerie Berthaut

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